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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 30, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of started -- lead us to this investigation. so, in that regard, i hope it does send a message. >> reporter: according to the search warrant affidavit, the gang commits crimes at the direction of theodore olds. a confidential informant stated that each member must bay $80 a month for dues. they are used for bail money, emergency funds and other benefits. in addition, the informant stayed that when members do not pay or fall behind, theodore olds often threatens them with bodily harm. two students identified olds and his daughter as attempting to recruit them into the gang. one said he has seen olds on numerous occasions in possession of a firearm. parents said it was the first time they were hearing of the charges. >> what can i do right now? nothing. what they need to do is find
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out who is behind it and get them in jail. >> scary. very scary. >> you expect schools to be a safe place. you don't expect students to be helping with that. >> reporter: theodore olds was arrested on the 25th of september. he is behind bars without bonds. the search warrant affidavit says officers went into his home looking for gang-related paraphernalia, tattoo machines as well as weapons associated with a gang sub culture. they left with a bb gun, a bandanna and a cell phone. in addition to the gang recruitment, olds has been charged with robbery and a firearms charge. his daughter faces charges of gang recruitment and gang participation. >> how disturbing. thank you. police say the daughter is no longer enrolled at fairfax high. a capitol police officer
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find himself on the wrong side of the law. an arlington woman found thomas mcmahon passed out in his bed. they say he was drinking. fairfield police are looking for the man that tried to snatch a 15-year-old girl off the street as she walked home from school. it happened tuesday a little before 5:00. the man was driving a white pickup truck, witnesses say. he got out, offered the girl a ride, then grabbed her a passin the girl got away. now police want to talk to the driver and anyone else who might have seen something. the man convicted of kidnapping, raping and burying a florida girl alive died today. john couey abducted jessica lunsford from her bedroom in 2005. many states passed laws after jessica imposing restrictions on sexual offenders. he died of natural causes at a
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hospital. fumes at anniversary arizona school -- ann arundel school sent kids to the hospital today. a contractor was working on the roof and the fumes leaked into the building. the school stopped the work for the day, aired out the buildings so students could get back to class. an early morning fire destroyed a home in fairfax county. the fire was raging by the time crews got there. they say natural gas in the home helped fuel the flames from the basement. crews had to back off when the first floor collapsed. damage is estimated $300,000. the cause is under investigation. now to breaking news out of detroit. minutes ago general motors announced it is shutting down the saturn brand. gm was working on a deal with penske to buy saturn. the deal fell through. gmceo says sat attorney and the dealership network will be phased out.
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metro is taking extra steps to stop the spread of the swine flu. rail cars are being cleaned more often. stations will be disinfected daily. rail cars will be cleaned weekly and by the way, workers will be using an environmentally friendly disinfectant. when swine flu hit the u.s. last spring, local schools shut down. tonight we are getting a close look at the financial impact, a new round of closures might have. the brookings institution found closing all schools in the u.s. for four weeks could cot between 10 billion and $47 billion. that's the financial value that they are putting on lost class time. plus, parents staying home to stay for sick kids. in d.c. the cost is estimated to be around $65 million. one billion for new york city and 1 1/2 billion for l.a. county. our coverage of the swine flu is far from over.
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head to, click on the health tab and you will find the latest on local cases, vaccine facts and questions and the top 10 tips to keep your family healthy. > the recession drove up medicaid enrollment to unexpected levels. medicaid saw the highest growth in six years for 2009 and spending growth averaged nearly 8%. president obama toured the national institutes of health today. he announced $5 billion in new medical grants to fund research. it's part of his $787 billion economic stimulus plan. he says the funding gives hope to better understanding and curing diseases like cancer, autism and heart disease. >> we a wiredded $5 billion with a b in grants through the recovery act to conduct cutting edge research across america, to unlock treatments to diseases that have long plagued humanity. to save and enrich the lives of people all over the world.
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>> the funding will help 12,000 research projects and create jobs. eleanor holmes norton is sounding the alarm an the emergency alert system. the congresswoman says the eas does not reach large sections of the country and could put americans in jeopardy if there were a natural disaster or terrorist event. >> many americans believe that they have the case ability to receive a presidential emergency message via their cell phone or pda or fax. they are wrong. >> the hearing is part of norton's effort to coordinate response agencies. the death toll continues to climb following an earthquake and tsunami in the pacific. more than 100 people were killed in samoa, american samoa an tanga. another quake hit indonesia. fox's david piper has the
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latest. >> reporter: this latest powerful earthquake hit hard the indonesian island of sumatra. it could be felt far away as jakarta and neighboring countries like singapore and may alaska. in padang, tere are reports that hundreds of buildings have collapsed, 75 people have been killed. they are warning thousand are trapped under flattened buildings. the authorities are organizing a field hospital to help the injured. the emergency services are struggling, though, because some power lines are down and it's being reported a landslide has cut the main road link to the city. there are reports now that many buildings have collapsed north of padang. this powerful earthquake raised real fears of another giant wave as it was on the exact
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fault line that caused the 2004 tsunami. a warning was issued to countries around the indian ocean. thankfully no tsunami appeared. this quake came a day after another struck thousands of miles away on the other side of australia in the south pacific. there a tsunami was created which hit the shores of say may a and american samoa. villages were flattened by the force of the wave. >> one lady rang up the radio station. she didn't think of anything. she went and looked up and saw the wave. she grabbed her young one but on her way, the wave came.
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she lost the kids. she managed to grab on a tree branch. >> reporter: there are fears that the death toll could rise as many people are missing. david piper, fox news. we are following a developing story right now unfolding in boston. investigators and bomb-sniffing dogs are searching an american airlines flight including the luggage as you can see after a flight attendant found a note reading bomb on board boston to miami. a few momentsing a, massachusetts state police finished the sweep and cleared the plane to fly on to miami. the plane was supposed to leave boston around 2:15 arizona arriving from dulles. military jets rushed to intercept a small plane flying erratically over indiana today. the pilot wouldn't respond to air traffic controllers and crashed near muncie. the military thinks the pilot may have blacked out. they do not suspect terrorism. we are learning more about
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the man accused of trying to blow up a dallas office building. authorities charged him with plotting to use weapons of mass destruction. the owner of the apartment he was renting said the suspect left days before the arrest and was six weeks late on rent. he is accused of parking what he thought was a truck full of bombs in a parking garage under the building. his estranged wife is shedding light on the investigation. >> he was an interesting person. i loved being around here. the more days that passed by d we got to know each other, i fell in love with him. i don't know the sam that they show on the news trying to blow up a building. i don't know that sam at all. >> he is in federal custody in texas. the home grown terror threat is the new focus for the feds. we are all over the shift in security strategy eight years after 9-11. plus, 6,000 people die every year and distracted drivers are to blame.
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the statistics enough to get you focused behind the wheel.
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what kind of person writes a thesis calling working women "detrimental to the family..." then lies about his opponent to cover up his own record? the post said bob mcdonnell took office and began passing his social agenda... and the post confirmed that he voted to deny access to birth control. they said mcdonnell even opposed equal pay for women. no matter what his ads say, bob mcdonnell can't cover up his record. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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the rules of the road are the focus of a conference in the district. they estimate 6,000 people are killed in the u.s. because of distracted driving and a half million are hurt. john henrehan is live with the story. >> reporter: transportation secretary ray lahood was at the conference in washington today. he said that distracted driving is amen nance to society. and the experts in the conference said it isn't just cell phone usage. it was the tale of two conferences. in one room, scientists, researchers and policymakers. in another room family members of the victims of distracted drivers. >> he did not make it. i knew then and there i would never see my dad again. >> reporter: an inattentive driver killed him while he was riding to work. jennifer smith's mother was
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killed by a distracted driver. >> the first thing the driver admitted he was talking on a cell phone. >> reporter: the researchers at the conference stressed it's not just cell phone talking while driving that is unsafe, it's any secondary activity like programming a gps or repeatedly changing radio stations or operating a music player. texting appears to be the most dangerous driver distraction. virginia tech professor tom dingas oversaw a study of truckers that shows dialing a cell phone makes a driver six times more likely to crash. reading a map 7 times more likely. but texting on a cell phone makes accidents 23 times more common. >> these tasks should be avoided. >> reporter: tomorrow maryland
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becomes the 13th state in the u.s. to ban texting while driving and six more states will outlaw the practice in january. ladies? >> thank you very much tonight. well, you can text, use your cell phone, do it all if you are commuting by train. today amtrak launched the new northeast regional service at the brook center station. it will begin in lynchville with stops in charlottesville and manassas. rocker melissa etheridge rolled into d.c. to continue her fight in the breast cancer battle. she pulled up in the pink-tober bus. that is the campaign to raise money for breast cancer research. etheridge is a five-year breast cancer survivor and proud to be part of the effort. >> try to tell people they are more powerful than they know.
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a diagnosis does not define them. they can find their own life spirit inside and walk the journey and survive. >> it is now in its 10th year. october is breast cancer awareness month. we heard the horror stories about the cost of treating cancer. even with full insurance coverage, many find it hard to make ends meet. we report on one woman's treatment and still paying bills. >> we are in a gd situation. we have insurance. we have disability insurance. but it's not enough. >> ron smith is up against leukemia. insurance does not cover some bills and travel expenses. >> being proud people you don't want to say, well, just hand over a check. >> reporter: they found some help hanging around her neck. >> we got a check out of it and it's really nice to have a little bit here and there. >> you can support a loved one
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going through a health crisis. >> reporter: jacquelyn changed her life leavi a lucrative job as a lawyer to invest in people such as ron smith. she started the project which raises the money by making necklaces to cell to friends and family of someone sick and hurt. each necklace inincludes the initials of someone that needs help and costs 20 bucks. 15 goes directly to the person in need. >> when you find out about a friend's diagnosis or accident you feel helpless. what we provide is a way for you to help your friends. >> reporter: ron needs a bone marrow transplant. after insurance pays out about a seven figure amount, there will be out of pocket costs. >> my treatment, the chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, close to a millio dollars for my treatment. >> if you would like more information on how you can help a loved one through the human
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tri project, head to myfoxdcom and cling on web links. i don't know if you got outside or not today but it certainly was chilly and it's really feeling like fall out there. >> very chilly. september is now over -- well, as of tonight, i guess. today's clouds will give way to sunshine tomorrow. will the cool weather stick into october. let's go to the weather center and gary mcgrady has the answer. >> i would say that we have been tickled by fall. tomorrow morning and tomorrow it will really feel like fall. you are goingo say fall is in the air because we had sunshine, too. temperatures tomorrow will start in the 40s and end up in the 60s out there for highs tomorrow. so, it really settles in tomorrow. let me show you the max hd radar. we have showers out there. the strongest of the showers, the heaviest across the bay down to the southeast passing through cambridge. it's been fairly heavy, especially to the east of the city.
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if you zoom in a bit, showers inside the beltway for annandale, alexandria, too. here is a quick look at the forecast. 7:00 tonight, still a few showers. 63 degrees. true view -- there, 63 at 7:00. we should be mostly cloudy and dry at 9:00 then clear out overnight tonight. 40s tonight. frost advisory as well. feels like fall tomorrow. >> it does. look forward to it. thanks, gary. see you soon. with swine flu fears running rampant, families disinfecting left and right. the real danger may be where you work. we will have more on that coming up. 
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the burial place for members of the congress, vice presidents and fbi directors, congressional cemetery. it has been through tough times and serious disrepair. >> preservation has become a priority. beth parker shows us crews are balancing the need to make repairs with the desire to respect the dead. >> reporter: these gates at congressional cemetery have opened and closed on a lot of history. now anthropologists and arc keyologists are sorting through the remains of some of those buried here out of necessity. >> we used to have 16 vaults now 40. 30% are gone because they weren't maintained well enough. >> with the help from the smithsonian, they are working
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to preserve the remaining vaults. some are in old wooden coffins dating back to 1838. over time the coffins collapsed on each other. workers removed the wood and carefully sort through remains. in this case, the work reveals a tibia or shin bone. >> this was an expensive coffin. >> reporter: the work is done with the permission of the families. crews are not just preserving what is here but respecting it. >> these are human remains. they had good days like us, bad days. >> reporter: dog is a forensic an though polo gift. >> like you can read a book, you can read a skeleton. >> reporter: the remains will be separated and each set will be returned to an individual grave after stone masons made the repairs. a lot of the work being done is happening along the ceremonial walkway. if you were buried here, odds are you were among washington's
5:26 pm
elite. if you were buried over here, odds are you were more working class. >> the founders of washington, d.c. are along the walkway. these vaults represent good heritage of the city. in southeast washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> congressional cemetery is looking for volunteers and donations. if would you like to know more about the cemetery, visit our web site. eight years after the 9-11 attacks, can you identify the new face of trouble. tonight the feds say al-qaeda's newest tactic may be to inspire home grown terror. the holidays are not just about shopping. these days some families are looking to score extra cash. more and more,
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some of the big stories we are following, a father and his 17-year-old daughter are in fairfax are in custody charged with recruiting juveniles to be gang members. police say some was done inside fairfax highschools. they believe theodore olds funded -- theodore olds funded it through larsen nice and robberies. transportation experts are reviewing research on the wright of driving -- writs of driving. an 8. o quake recreated waves 20 feet high that flattened say mow an i -- samoan island.
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today the department of homeland security is talking about the recent arrests of several terror suspects. not everyone is singing the department praises. some think the department needs to broaden its scope. >> reporter: the director of the fbi said today that recent arrests are proof of the u.s.'s antiterror capabilities are working. u.s. officials say home grown terrorists are a growing concern radicalized americans fueling their rage online. michael c and another man charged with plotting bombings in texas and illinois. >> all of us are concerned. >> reporter: fbi head robert mueller testified saying fenton
5:32 pm
and samadi's cases share an important connection. >> they reach out to get the training and fall into exactly what al-qaeda wants which is additional operatives. >> reporter: security officials call such suspects lone wolves, independent terrorists inspired by and having no operation to al-qaeda. >> it's about leaning forward, thinking ahead. >> reporter: so far experts say the u.s. is staying ahead of the curve. >> most of the other cases we have seen have been largely sting cases, long on intent and short on capability. >> reporter: director of george washington university homeland security policy institute says the goal is to intercept the lone wolf before they make direct connections with sophisticated terror networks. >> when the attempt comes together, that's when we have
5:33 pm
real challenges. >> reporter: recent arrests serve as a reminder that terrorism is a threat. a recent poll found 49% said americans have forgotten 9-11's impact. 39% said it was not forgotten. feelings accepted by some in washington. >> i don't think about it. >> they have short memories some of them, yeah. but i was here in 9-11 happened. >> reporter: officials say the investigations are producing results such as the bulletin that security officials issued last week about stadiums, arenas and large hotel venues, all of them grew out of the investigation of suspected al- qaeda connected rings. >> tom fitzgerald. thank you. eric cantor is calling out president obama on his strategy in afghanistan. the house minority whip ys the administration is endangering american troops by not deciding fast on a new plan for the war. the white house says the
5:34 pm
president is moving deliberately on recommendations from top military commanders. so a fair and assessment can be made. >> the american people deserve and assessment that is beyond game playing. the men and women in afghanistan that we have sent to serve and protect our freedom deserve that, the men and women that might be sent to afghanistan to serve and protect our freedom deserve that as do their families and ever other american. >> critics are asking americans to decrease troop levels while top military commanders asked for an increase. more good news on a job front in the commonwealth, the unemployment rate in virginia dropped from 6.9% to 6.5% from july to august. it's the second consecutive month the jobless rate has gone down. employment improved in all of virginia's ten metropolitan areas. the national unemployment average is over 9 1/2%. if you are looking for a job
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this holiday season, toys are us needs a lot of workers. they will hire 35,000 seasonal employees nationwide for the busy shopping season. it's the same number of holiday workers tors r us hired in the past two years. to see which jobs are available, go to and cling on web links. while you are at the web site, check out the job shop. the job of the day is at hobb system group. they are looking for it professionals in rockville. go to and click on the job shop tab near the top of the home page. all right. think about this tomorrow when you are at work. your job can be one of the dirtiest places with bacteria and viruses running amuck. a micro biological made the rounds inside one newsroom and here is what they found.
5:36 pm
you can't see it but it's everywhere. >> you are swimming in a sea of microbes. there is bacteria and nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: bacteria that can get you sick, especially in the workplace. it doesn't discriminate against newsrooms like ours here at fox 5. >> it's bad. i'm stuffed up in the nose. i can't breathe. >> there are millions of species of bacteria. but this professor says only 50 species are dangerous, like e. coli or salmonella. >> you can get -- pick up pink eye and cold virus and so forth from common every day items. >> reporter: how much bacteria is lurking in our workplace? >> 100,000 bacteria in a swab area. >> reporter: professor kelly says hundreds of thousand live on office items like keyboards,
5:37 pm
computer mouse or telephone. >> bacteria virus you can swab. >> reporter: sharing with coworkers can get you sick. >> maybe they didn't wash their hands and they touch the doorknob then you touch the doorknob. >> reporter: when it comes to choosing whose keyboard to use, professor kelly says choose wisely. call it a bacteria battle of the sexes. >> on every surface, men had more bacteria than women. >> to avoid picking up nasty bacteria, he says remember what mama told you, always wash your hands. >> yuck. i don't want to know what is around this newsroom. the president and first lady are doing everything possible to bring the 2016 olympics to chicago. why are the city residents fighting to keep the games out. an out of control car narrowly misses a 4-year-old girl. take a look at third quarter sales.
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the driver in washington state that smashed into this store narrowly missing that little girl right there. incredible video. she pled not guilty to charges against her today. police say isabel hernandez hopped the curb and crashed into a metal pole. it put the car in the air so it missed the girl. police claim she accelerated in reverse before crashing into the store hitting a parked truck. the rallying cry today, they play, we pay. nearly 200 people gathered at chicago city hall to protest the city's big for the 2016 olympics. they are worried taxpayers will be forced to pick up the bill. the mayor maintains the games will not cost taxpayers a dime. chicago is among the four finalists vying for the games. >> they developed a web site to
5:42 pm
fight it as well. we will see how it shakes out. let's head to brian bolter what you are working on for the "news edge at 6:00". >> an entire new fleet of the speed cameras flipped on in our area. one spot where you definitely want to hit the brakes and why getting caught may not cost you the first time. supreme court venturing back into the gun law debates. by out -- why outlawing d.c.'s gun ban you can't predict the future. but with technology, you can prepare for it. nationwide insurance can use aerial pictures of our customers' homes. so after a storm, we can estimate repair costs and get you your money faster,
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parentheses have a place but not on your face. smooth those lines away for up to a year with juvéderm®. juvéderm® is a smooth injectable gel your doctor uses to smooth out wrinkles like those lines on the sides of your nose and mouth instantly. side effects... usually mild to moderate included temporary injection site reactions like redness, pain, firmness, swelling or bumps. smooth, natural. everyone will notice but no one will know. ask your doctor about juvéderm®. time for the state of the skins. everybody is asking what in the world is going on. days after their loss to detroit that question is making it harder for the team to move forward. >> lindsay murphy with what the team wants to focus on.
5:46 pm
>> focuses on all three phases of the game and what is going on up there. we are three days removed from the redskins loss. as the team prepares for a winless team they are being asked to look back. on monday, following the redskins loss to the lions, the were more questions than answers as to how the team would move forward. does it boil down to xs and os or a deeper divide. >> not like the team is falling apart. we are not panicking about losing two games. i feel like you go through those situations in this league. you have to lose. you have to win. it's one or the otr. >> reporter: the redskins happen to be on the losing side twice this season after three weeks. they opened with a loss to the giants then barely beat the rams and last sunday fell to the lions who were on a 19 game losing skid. while this situation may divide
5:47 pm
some teams, it may unite them. >> we have had close games with the remains and lions. it's like oh, we suck. r us as a team, i think we have an opportunity to go do something special. we have a long season ahead of us. >> a long season indeed. there are at least 13 weeks of football on tap for the skins, maybe more if they can get themselves established in the win column. jason campbell knows this is a time that will test his team. >> we are hearing a lot, going through a lot. this is the time that you find out the real character of our team and how can we push through. if we can get through this, it makes a good stretch down the run. >> the redskins are 1-1 against
5:48 pm
winless teams. the skins are guaranteed two straight weeks against winless teams. this sunday they take on the 0- 3 bucks then the 0-3 panthers who are on a buy this week. a critical stretch because they aren't into the big bulk of the nfc east yet. >> tough times. >> yeah. >> we are keeping our fingers crossed. >> lindsay, thank you. you can support other local athletes in the fox 5 game of the week. vote for one of these five high school football matchups. we will be live before the winning game frid and we will bring you special highlights at the news at 10:00 and on the web. timto talk about the all- important forecast. >> so we have to keep the rain out of there for friday. > i think it's okay. it looks all right. i'm trying to get the rain out for the bucs coming to town
5:49 pm
sunday. what time does the game start. >> 1:00. >> lindsay just left. 1:00. i think we will be all right. i'm not jumping in with both feet on the weekend forecast. look at that. >> look at that. that looks so nice and warm. >> looking west. that would be a safe bet. clouds are breaking up, too. we have a little shower activity up there. thank you for finding that shot. that's a good one. listen, let me show you first the radar to give you an idea that there are a couple o showers out there. earlier this afternoon, a few good ones moved through. it was one line. now we are left with a couple of scattered showers along the southern sections of the beltway and out to prince george county and toward the bay. there is a little more too out in the extreme western sections of loudoun county, very light, very spotty. these will dissipate quickly in the next hour to hour and a half.
5:50 pm
so, let's show you the forecast. 61 at 11:00. in some cases, the temperatures are cooling down, it will be in the upper 50s in the suburbs. here in town lower 60s will do it. partly cloudy by 11:00 then clear out i don't remember night tonight. tomorrow -- clear out overnight tonight. outside of town, the 51 will be in the mid- to upper-40s for the first couple of sunshine. then by noontime with mostly sunny skies temperatures in the lower 60s. it's a taste of fall tomorrow. i know you think we had a little bit of fall weather but tomorrow it will feel like that. frost advisories are posted west of 81, especially for the highland and along the allegany front. here we are talking about chilly. we aren't worried about frost here yet. 62 in the city. check out dulles dropped to 58
5:51 pm
degrees. baltimore 63. temperatures are all over the place. the upper level low pressure system, we have been watching it the last couple of days. it's what is bringing the clouds in the afternoon and showers. this is a last piece of energy coming around that broad area of low pressure up to the north of us. you can see the rains out of pennsylvania, across the mountains and they move across the metro area. they picked up in intensity across the bay. right now as we zoom in, we are finding again a couple of these showers and back out to the west we are beginning to break into sunshine briefly until the sun goes down in the next hour or so. then overnight tonight we clear. here is max hd futurecast. tomorrow at 5:00, very nice. sunny. could be a fair weather cloud or two. certainly more sunshine than the last couple of days. friday morning we go back to cloudy. a couple of isolated showers early in the day friday as the warm air mes in. mostly cloudy to partly sunny friday.
5:52 pm
6:00 friday night we stay warm. here comes the chance of rain coming in friday night and saturday and i will stop it right here on saturday morning. notice showers, purples and blues indicate maybe a thunderstorm activity. i'm not going to go any farther. right now showers and thunderstorms in the forecast pretty much all day on saturday. but we are forecasting a dry sunday now. partly sunny sunday but a dry sunday. that's important. it does feel like it will be wet on saturday. the question on saturday is can we have a dry afternoon. i'm not ready to go there yet. >> okay. enjoy one day of fall tomorrow. >> thanks, gary. tonight we have your chance to hear the semifinalist in person. three of the top 6 will perform at arlington's grill. here is a preview of what you
5:53 pm
will hear. [singing]. it starts at 7:15. a panel of judges will select the winner by crowd participation and reaction. the second set of finalists perform next wednesday. we will be back.
5:54 pm
what kind of person writes a thesis calling working women "detrimental to the family..." then lies about his opponent to cover up his own record? the post said bob mcdonnell took office and began passing his social agenda... and the post confirmed that he voted toeny access to birth control. they said mcdonnell even opposed equal pay for women. no matter what his ads say, bob mcdonnell can't cover up his record. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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>> thank you for entertaining us. you can get a little closer to the stars, the moon and even the planets all on the national mall. >> an astronomical telescope is debuting today. holly morris has more from the mall. >> reporter: have you ever wondered your connection with the universe? now there is a place on the national mall that may help you get closer to the answer. this is the new public observatory at the air and space museum. force first time the public will have access to a high- powered telescope. they are introducing it this year because it's international year of astronomy. this is katie moore. what will people be able to do. >> the observatory is open every day except monday.
5:58 pm
people can come in without reservations, look through the telescope, see venus for the month of october, the next couple of weeks we will look at venus, then other planets. we will have filters so safely look at the sun and they can look through for themselves and discover the universe. >> reporter: how amazing is this? >> unique opportunity. we have so many that come to the mall and we can provide a telescope experience for them. hand on science. >> reporter: 8 million people a year come to the air and space museum. get ready to stand in line. 10:00 until 2:00 tuesday through sunday is when it will be available to you. holly morris, fox 5 news. >> spectacular. >> that is a big telescope. >> yes, it is. the news tonight is far from over. >> the "news edge at 6:00"
5:59 pm
starts right now. all right. good evening. let's look outside right now live at the evening commute. this is maryland, a drive that is starting tomorrow will never be the same again. a brand-new batch of speed cameras will watch your every move. if you think they are just a cash cow for the government, we will introduce to you one widow that says it is not about money. this is about life and death. karen gray houston has her story. >> reporter: most people go to work every day inside a building. for these highway workers, this is their office. it's where the icc will cross i- 95. obviously a dangerous job. they are right on top of the roadway. if you had to guess, a lot of these cars are whizzing by this icc work site going faster than the 65 miles per hour speed


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